Owner/Driver: Dave Sano
Crew Chief: Jim Gibbons
Crew: Matt, Joe

Welcome to the Screamin' Insanity Funny Car Team home page. You can keep up with the adventures of Dave Sano and see photos and results from our races.
Dave Milcarek shot these great photos at the Wonderbar in Asbury Park, NJ. We hung around and bench raced for about 8 hours waiting for the sun to go down. As you look at these shots you can tell it was worth the wait. We als endd up getting the cover and 4 pages of photos and a story in Drag Racer Magazine.
This photo was from the Geezers at the Grove at Maple Grove Raceway in September 2007. We were not booked in at this event but decided to go and when the results came out, we were listed as the winner of the race, go figure. The photo was taken by Steve Bell.